I met him a while back. Maybe two years ago? He was cute, dimpled, worked out and had a thick mat of dark hair.

I loved the way his dimples folded when he smiled at me. I knew early on I was in trouble with this one. He was fun but quiet.

He always wanted to go for drinks. That should’ve been a red flag right?…but I just thought he liked to let loose when we were together…I mean, I did a bit, didn’t I? And let’s face it, I’m always up for fun!

I always put a bit of extra work into getting ready to see him. After all, he was cute and charming and had been known to be a bit of a ladies man in his younger years (I had heard).

At some point, our few dates turned into a strained thing. It never seemed it was going anywhere, we were pub buddies really and so we let it go. But as I always do…I tried to remain friends.

Fast forward to last month. I had gone through a tough recent breakup. A real heart wrencher this one was….and I needed a break. Guess what!? As always….when I manifest some fun/pending trouble, it lands squarely into my lap….well in this case squarely in my dm’s. He wanted to reconnect…

Why not!? Right??……WRONG!

He had a family birthday event coming up. “Let’s make it a road trip” he says. Just fun. Go out of town, have a few drinks. It’ll be great. I’ll drive”. And at first, it was. We drove, we laughed. We sang.

When we got to our destination (2 hours from home base) We had a drink with his mom, lunch at a local pub and even a good visit with his childhood friend. Sounds good right??


6pm – We arrive at the community hall. I know no one. But, being who I am I look around, take inventory of the faces and smile. I introduce myself to the wives, the husbands, and count the kids. I don’t have mine with me. I am NOT resorting to the kid’s table…I back away slowly.

As I reach the kitchen area someone passes me a beer. He was the guys’ cousins friend or some shit. But he had a beer. So I take it, smile, and thank him cheerfully.

I make small talk with the guys in the kitchen. Work, blah blah, camper, blah blah, wifey, blah. My date standing beside me the whole time.

6:20pm. My beer is gone, some guy hands me another. My date slaps my ass and makes some cheeky comment about knowing a good thing when he sees it. He asks me if I want to go with him to the pool table…I scan the game area and see it’s overrun by teen boys. “Nah, I’m good here” I say.

6:40 – I’m scanning the room. No G.S. Hmmm. He must have broken the beer seal. Bathroom for sure…..

6:55 – I’m asking the women (whom I’ve joined to eat the potluck dinner) if they’ve seen their cousin. Nope. “Maybe he had to give someone a ride,” someone says. Huh. Ok. I’m a big girl. This is getting awkward and I feel a bit weird but he couldn’t have gone far…I mean…we’ve been here less than an hour.

7:15 – I send him a text. “Hello. Where’d you go?”

And it begins…..


I’m seriously thinking this is a joke. HAS to be, right??!!


HMMM. Okay. Now he thinks I’m Psychic. I’m soooo confused at this point. I do a mental count….is it possible I’m loaded and my mind is playing tricks??? 1…2…3….ummm nope. Ok.


I. Am. MORTIFIED. here I am at someone else’s family function, with people I met an hour ago and I need to gracefully explain that I have no ride and want to get out of here as fast as I can.


Ok. Apparently, I have a friend here?? Maybe THEY Can give me a ride. I’m seriously looking around frantically trying to figure out WTF he’s saying.

Seriously. Is this a joke??


Ok. I’m starting to get angry…who the eff do you think you are jackass?? Seriously. Who does that. Have you swallowed your tongue? We couldn’t talk before you bolted and left me in a room of strangers? RED FLAG! RED FLAG!!


So because I wasn’t hanging all over you, I was flirting with someone else??? Would this be the same man whose wife was standing next to me as we chatted?? Something is not firing right…..


The bus. THE. BUS. I’m ok…I am a grown ass, successful woman with children coming home the next day and I am abandoned and looking up bus schedules….what the hell is happening here.

His cousin’s wife drove me to a hotel. I figured if I was going to take a ride it better be with someone who has a vagina so he doesn’t get the wrong idea…😒

At this point…I realize. I’m alone. In a hotel room 2 hours away from home with no car, no way home and I have NO idea what happened.

I start to laugh….at the audacity of his behavior and the complete shock of what has happened. And then…I cry. And cry. And cry.

I managed to have a friend come and pick me up and take me home the next day. Thankfully I didn’t have to take the bus as I was preparing for.

I arrived home the next afternoon exhausted, with swollen eyes from crying and embarrassed beyond belief. But…I made it home. Thanks to the love of a ‘ride or die’ friend. We all need those. The women that hold us up when we crumble to the ground. The friends that make us laugh at a situation because it’s so bizarre and we couldn’t make this shit up if we tried.

The guy? He asked to talk. He texted a sorry. I still have no explanation, but he did tell me he loves me. As a matter of fact….he wants to spend his life with me…🤔

Probably just not when we’re around other humans because that seems to be a bit much for him.

Bye Boy!

(Below photo courtesy of a friend that texted me after I told her this story. Lol. I love my tribe! 💕)

suck my richard

3 thoughts on “G.S.”

  1. Thank you for sharing!! I know how raw that can be and boy I’m telling you I would have choked him with my bare hands!! And on a side note I know we don’t see each other or talk often but know that if ever in dire straits and in need of help don’t ever hesitate to call or text!! I would help if ever needed 😊

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