Why me?

Why me? Why does this happen to me?

Well…why not me?! Obviously, I am equipped to handle stress and chaos. I can work my way through difficult situations and heartbreak and still be a hopeless romantic. I am a single mom (rocking it!) a business owner (go me!) and a good person (yep! Heart of gold). It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have learned lessons, been thrown into situations that help me grow and had my fair share of tears.

Life is a journey. We all have a path to find and trudge. It’s not what’s at the end of the path that is important, it’s what we do on that path, what we learn, who we touch and what we leave behind that’s important.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve had low lows, I’ve felt sorry for myself and allowed myself to be a victim. I’ve made mistakes and blamed others. The truth is that if you allow yourself to be a victim or feel sorry for yourself for too long you won’t have the energy or desire to make a change. Change is where it’s at.

It has taken me 40 years to discover who I really a.m., what will make me happy, and who I want in my life….but I know now what I am looking for, where my boundaries lay and what I deserve.

I used to dream of white picket fences, smiling family portraits and a life without woes. Realistic but romantic me now dreams of having a partner that I can love even when I am annoyed as hell with him, a family that feels safe even when shit hits the fan, and a lived-in home that has big family dinners while the kids giggle and the dogs bark like mad.

I am full of hilarious stories that I will continue to share, but the search hasn’t stopped. I KNOW I will find my love story. I am cautious but hopeful and will never again give up “Me” or compromise my beliefs and needs for anyone else. The people who love me understand this and are there for me. I love my tribe. You know who you are 😉

ME is as important as HIM. I will never settle again.

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